Colombia is the most biodiverse country in the world. One can experience ecosystems that range from arid deserts to perpetual snows. In between, the valleys, mountains, and plains reward us with spectacular landscapes and the species and peoples that inhabit them. Similarly, as the only South American country that has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the contrasting seascapes offer numerous destinations that will amaze you.

Whether you want to sail among flamingoes, visit snow capped mountains, see orchids and heliconias, watch whales or experience the coffee growing region of Colombia, we will make sure that your experience is a unique and unforgettable one.

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Caño Cristales (4 Days).

This tour takes us to a rarely visited region of the Colombian Plains. Here you will marvel at the crystal-clear river of the 5 colors and plants found nowhere else on earth. During our hikes and boat rides we will be rewarded with stunning scenery and wildlife.


Caribbean and Central Andes (From Sea to Snow) (12 Days).

This 12-day tour takes us from the Caribbean region of Colombia to the snowy peaks of the Nevados National Park in the Central Andes. During our travels we will experience the dry landscapes of the Caribbean and the lush forests and coffee plantations of the Andes, and learn all there is to know about coffee.


Northern Colombia-Tayrona Park-Lost City and Cartagena (11 Days).

This 11-day tour was designed for those of us who enjoy hiking and exploring. It takes us to beautiful locations in Northern Colombia. We begin in Parque Tayrona and the deserts of Guajira before hitting the jungle trails to the lost City in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. After 4 arduous but rewarding days we head west along the coast to visit the historic walled city of Cartagena. Definitely a great nature tour for explores at heart.


Chocó-Bahía Solano (6-8 Days)

This tour will reward you with views of unspoiled scenery, where virgin forests meet the pacific ocean. We will visit the Utria National Park and explore its beaches, watch playful dolphins and humpback whales during their calving seasons and discover the lifestyles of the Embera People... Bring your bathing suit!


Hato La Aurora (4 Days)

The vast eastern plains of Colombia offer a spectacular display of scenery, wildlife and cultures. During this safari-style tour you will see capibara and deer feeding by the ponds while caimans and turtles sun themselves on the shores. Giant anteaters and Howler monkeys are also regularly seen during our tours. During our stay, you will have the opportunity to learn about the way of the plains way of life and sample typical cuisine.