Cipriano is a small town located approximately 10 minutes inland from the port of Buenaventura. The area is located in the Pacific lowlands of Colombia. We arrive at the town of Cordoba in the early morning. From there on we will take a unique mode of transportation known as "the Brujitas", homemade train carts powered by motorcycles to travel on the railroad tracks to the town of San Cipriano. Once there, we will cross the picturesque town and see a nesting colony of Chestnut Oropendolas and the conspicuous and near-endemic Lemon-rumped Tanager. Upon entering the Natural Reserve possibilities include , Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Golden-collared Manakin, Chestnut- Mandibled and Chocó Toucans, Stripe-billed Araçari, and Rose-faced Parrot. Other specialties of the area include Masked Tityra, and Cinnamon and Crimson-bellied Woodpeckers. Towards the end of the morning, we will have the opportunity to bathe in the crystal clear waters of the San Cipriano River and relax before returning to the town for a typical Fish Sancocho.

Photo Credit: C Calonje