Bahía Solano is considered one of the most unspoiled destinations of the Pacific Lowlands of Colombia, the most biodiverse spot on earth. This destination is isolated from other communities and getting there can be done only by boat or by a short plane flight from major cities. Attractions to this isolated place are countless. After our arrival, we will take a jeep or the local "chiva" (bus) towards our comfortable lodgings where we will be able to unpack and enjoy the rest of the day exploring our surroundings.

We will tailor our daily activities according to the climatic conditions of the day and the length of stay. Activities include:

Whale watching

Every year, thousands of hunchback whales migrate to the warm waters of the pacific to give birth to their calves and to seek mates (July 1-October 20). The Colombian Pacific Coast is the most important such area in the world. We will take a boat in search of females and their calves as they surface to take a breath of air.

Dolphin Watching

We will head out in a boat out in search of dolphin pods. Usually, one can spot them from afar and soon they will be swimming alongside the boat leaping out of the water playfully.

Embera Village Visit

The Embera are indigenous people that live in the Chocó and Darien regions of Colombia and Panama. This day trip will take us to one of the villages where we will be able to see how they live and will have an opportunity to purchase crafts.

Streams and Waterfalls

The coastal forests of the Colombian Pacific have countless small streams that spill directly into the Pacific Ocean. These streams are characterized by crystal clear waters and beautiful pools created by the rushing water over time. We will make a day excursion to La Cascada del Tigre where we can swim in the ocean or in freshwater pools, explore the jungle and natural caves.

Bird Watching

We will have the opportunity to do some birdwatching in the Almejal Reserve and visit a colony of oropendolas. In the reserve, we will hit trails above our Lodge where we are likely to hear or see in excess of 140 species. The Lodge has 50 hectares with an extensive trail network. Here we will look for active mixed foraging groups that may include Russet Antshrike, Checker-throated, and Dot-winged Antwrens, Tawny-crested Tanager and Black-breasted Puffbird. We will be able to access canopy platforms where we will be able to get spectacular views of Tanagers including blue-whiskered, Golden-hooded, Crimson-backed and Lemon-spectacled Tanagers.

We will also bird along the Utria-El Valle road to get a look at the Baudo Oropendola colony and hope for great displays. In more open areas possibilities include Laughing Falcon, Chocó Toucan, Stripe Billed Aracari. We will also look for ant swarms which may be accompanied by Spotted, Bicolored and Chestnut Backed Antbirds.

Other optional activities

If anyone wishes, we can arrange other activities, including fishing, scuba, kayaking, and surfing. These activities are not part of our tour and have an additional cost.