Ernest Leupin

Ernest was born and Raised in Colombia. He received a Master's Degree in Conservation Biology from the University of British Columbia. He now works as an Environmental Consultant addressing terrestrial wildlife species, habitat, and conservation. Ernest moves back and forth from his hometown in British Columbia to Colombia. Ernest has been birdwatching since 1997 and has birded in Canada, United States, Costa Rica, and of course Colombia. Ernest founded Colombia Wild Ecotours to promote environmentally sustainable ecotourism in Colombia and to support local communities that protect their natural resources.

Sean Caterer

Sean is our partner in crime for our Fishing Expeditions. Sean was raised in the Interior of British Columbia,Canada and is an avid outdoorsman. Family and sport fishing are his passions. Sean has been in the Wine and Food industries for over 25 years and has travelled extensively striving to combine wine and great food with fishing adventures. Sean is the founder of the EH! Team World Fishing Expeditions and a member of the BC Sportfishing Institute.

Jhon Fredy Ospina

Jhon comes to us from Leticia Amazon. He has lived in the Eastern Plains for more than 16 years and fishing has become a way of life for him. He has worked hard to promote sport fishing in the area and created “Pescadores Deportivos Colombia” a Fishing group he leads. He is well respected in the community and uses this to promote environmental awareness so that future generations may enjoy what he enjoys so much. He is an excellent caster and has a great sense of humor and willingness to make all his clients feel at home. Did I mention he loves untangling lures from vegetation?

Libia Duque

Libia is our got-to Travel Agent. She has been in the business for over 30 years. She is the owner of Capricho Travel in Miami and handles all our travel arrangements and trip logistics. She was born in Medellin and has travelled extensively throughout Colombia and the World. She can also take care of all your travel arrangements from your hometown to Colombia and will work dilligently to get you the best price possible. Libia knows what we like and will make sure we all have a great time.

Johnnier Arango

Johnnier was born in El Cairo, one of our Birding Tour destinations. He currently is the Community Environmental Stewardship Representative for Serraniaguas Corporation. Serraniaguas' mission is to promote sustainable land use management practices and protect important habitats along the western slopes of the west Andes. In addition to being a bird guide for the past few years, he's also busy educating children about responsible land use and the wonders of birding. Johnnier also contributes to environmental planning of Natural Reserves to protect endangered and endemic species that he will proudly show us. He is also involved in the improvement of tourism infrastructure of his hometown. His English has come a long way and he will practice it as much as he can with us.

Emilio Constantino

Emilio is our partner in Cali. He is an amazing naturalist and explorer dedicated to the conservation of Colombia's rich biodiversity who did his Botanical Studies at the University of Florida. He has traveled through most of Colombia promoting the conservation of private holdings, studying its flora and fauna, and exploring remote natural regions. He is a well rounded naturalist, specializing in... well, everything!!! Mammals, birds, orchids, heliconias, medicinal plants and indigenous cultures; you name it, he will tell you about it. He speaks fluent English and looks forward to welcoming you and showing you the best things Colombia has to offer. By the way, he is also a fantastic photographer. You can check out some of his pictures on his facebook page.