Colombia Wild Ecotours is an independent and privately owned company born out of a combination of a love of Colombia's landscapes, peoples, and fauna, and a desire to actively work with and support local communities.

As Colombians, we are intimately familiar with the people and places we'll visit. Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience during your visit to Colombia. While our tours focus on quality birding and natural history, we will introduce you to local people, their cultures, music, traditions, and foods, and combine places that are `off the beaten track' and rarely seen with traditional destinations of each of the regions we visit. Our tours are set in a relaxed atmosphere, where good friends are made and good times are shared. We strive to provide a superior service for our clients while getting to know each other as we travel throughout Colombia, the world's hottest destination.

"We strive to create tours that are as enriching and memorable as they are comfortable. The result is a travel experience that is both unforgettable and unique."

In our tours, we cater to birders and naturalists of all skill levels; they are designed in such a way that everyone will get the most out of Colombia. We also have the friendliest and most skilled leaders and local guides who are eager to share Colombia's wonders with you. Because the conservation of Colombia's rich biodiversity is largely dependent on stewardship initiatives that stem from the local communities, we have established and built partnerships with local non-profit organizations and their guides who share our sustainable tourism philosophy and passion for the conservation of Colombia's natural resources. In all our tours, you will be accompanied by one of our leaders (Ernest Leupin and/or Chris Calonje) and the best local guides. As Colombians, we take pride in showing off our Country. We will make sure that everything in our trip will run smoothly and make sure everyone will have a fantastic time. Click on the menus for short biographicals of the people that make up Colombia Wild Ecotours' family.