"We had a great time!! Our guides and hosts were both friendly and knowledgeable. The choice of accommodations and food venues were fantastic! Hope to go again soon!"

Michael Murphy
Telkwa, British Columbia

"Having a tour leader who was both a BC biologist and a native Colombian, and who had been recommended by friends, made all the difference. This trip exceeded my expectations on all levels."

Anne Hetherington
Rare and Endangered Species & Ecosystem Specialist
Smithers, British Columbia


Come experience the best Birding, Nature and Fishing Tours in Colombia with Colombia Wild Ecotours. You will experience the best Colombia has to offer at an exceptional value. With us, the experience does not stop with birding, nature and fishing. You will take with you memories filled with Colombian flavour and most important, you'll be helping conserve Colombia's natural treasures.

Despite its relatively small size, Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country on Earth, home to about 10 percent of the world's species. This incredible biodiversity results from Colombia's varied ecosystems-from the rich tropical rainforest to the coastal cloud forests of the Andean cordilleras and paramos to the open savannas and deserts. More than 1,920 species (and counting) of birds occur here with about 70 of them found nowhere else. Truly a Birder's must go destination.


But Colombia's biodiversity does not stop with birds. With a mind-boggling 55,000 species of plants, of which nearly 30 percent are endemic, 623 species of amphibians, 467 species of mammals, 518 species of reptiles, and countless insects, it is a biodiversity haven!

Just like its diverse topography and biodiversity, the country has a varied cultural heritage including indigenous peoples, and peoples of African and European descent which is evident in the gastronomy, handcrafts, music and architecture.

In recent years, tourism has taken a priority place in the economic development of the country making tourist designations extremely safe. Rightly so, the slogan that launched tourism in Colombia was...


At Colombia Wild Ecotours we offer you an immersion into Colombia's wonders that are sure to dazzle you. Here's why:

The best guides

We have spent a great deal of effort to partner up with local NGO's and their guides to ensure an unforgettable experience. Whether you're birding or experiencing Colombia's natural wonders they are sure to amaze you with their superb skills.

All inclusive costs

At Colombia Wild, our tour costs are all-inclusive (except international flights and mandatory insurance). While in Colombia, you will enjoy mostly deluxe accommodations (any deviations from this are a result of the remoteness of the area we visit, although cleanliness, comfort and some luxuries are still the norm.), air conditioned transportation, entrance fees, tips, snacks, water, excellent meals, and complementary wine and beer at selected destinations.

Small group sizes

We cater to everyone but have one simple rule. Except under exceptional circumstances, tour sizes should not exceed ten participants. We do this to ensure that you get the personalized attention you deserve.

Custom Tours

Our custom tours are tailored specifically to meet all your needs. We span the whole spectrum of choices, from hard core to your desired pace and comfort. See our custom tours section for more details.